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Featured projects

Sale Support VietinBank - Improving sales business efficiency

In a difficult and competitive market in Vietnam, reaching customers and gaining their trust is not easy for Banks and Financial Institutions. VietinBank has found a Sale Support solution from DTSVN to help Sellers deliver products to customers quickly and effectively. The solution helps customers understand, grasp and gain confidence in the services provided by VietinBank.

Upgrade digital experience with NCB Bank

NCB stated itself as a smart, friendly financial consultant; Commit to the sustainable development to bring completly safety to customers. With perfect, convenient and diverse products and services, NCB is a trusted partner and companion of customers - your Bank.

eFAST - Internet Banking Solution for Corporate Customers

VietinBank has successfully launched a comprehensive Digital Banking solution for corporate customers by the end of 2022, marking an important development in the Bank's business services. . When VietinBank needed to find a partner to implement this comprehensive Digital Banking solution within a year, iDP quickly responded and delivered excellent results. This launch not only meets the Bank's requirements but also marks a new stage of development for Corporate customer service at VietinBank.

VietinBank LAOeFAST project

VietinBank aims to systematize "Digital Financial Assistant" - VietinBank eFast - for all of its domestic and foreign corporate customers, creating the most convenient and modern digital banking service. VietinBank continues to cooperate with DTSVN to develop VietinBank eFast service into VietinBank LAOeFAST. The project was initially successful in Laos, opening up potential future prospects.

Upgrading the Integrated Axis from 5.x to 6.x with continuous maintenance services

Since 2016, DTSVN has helped Venetian in Macau upgrade the Integrated Axis from 5.x to 6.x with continuous maintenance services ; develop cross-selling; Upgrade existing self-developed software and design and deploy digital marketing projects for many consecutive years.
Venetian is a famous hotel, resort, and casino complex in Macau - Installing, designing the framework and modeling the upgrade of more than 10 Axis services together with product improvement. Software products and services have helped Venetian optimize the operation chain to ensure more efficient management, monitoring and development.

Integrating global CTBC solutions on TIBCO's product platform.

CTBC Bank (Philippines) needs to deploy global CTBC solution integration on TIBCO's product platform in 2017.

DTSVN has performed onsite in the Philippines to design, install infrastructure and deploy all services according to special requirements of CTBC Philippines, ensuring on schedule, level of integration and consistency of the system.

Installing infrastructure and architecture for LEEMAN

Axis Leeman is a famous paper manufacturing company and the Leeman factory in Vietnam is one of the largest in scale and capacity globally.

DTSVN completed the project of installing infrastructure and architecture for Leeman's Integration Axis in April 2017, helping Leeman improve IT system operations as required.

Upgrading the Business Work Process system using FTP to SFTP

Daiwa Capital Markets Hongkong belonging to Daiwa Group - providing financial services on a global data platform. Daiwa Hongkong needs to upgrade its Business Work Process system using FTP to SFTP with low cost and fastest time possible.

DTSVN completed the project as required and promptly put it into use in 2018.

Connecting the Integrated Axis of Quang Ninh province with

Van Truong Phat e-Government participating in the investment and implementation of the Smart City project for Quang Ninh province.

DTSVN is a software and technology contractor supporting Van Truong Phat that installs and serves as a sample service connecting the Integrated Axis of Quang Ninh province with the Integrated Axis of e-Government.

Currently, Quang Ninh province is one of the leading provinces in the country in implementing Smart City, e-government and digital government.

Developing data appraisal software, web-based software

Lifetek is a company specializing in providing production and business management software.

DTSVN is the unit that has been and is continuing to accompany Lifetek since 2020 to successfully deploy the development of data appraisal software, web-based software based on Java, React JS used to evaluate population data. national residence as well as software development based on TIBCO technology.