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More than 10 years experienced experts in Finance, Banking and Information Technology are ready to solve technology issues.

eTelligent for Banking Fraud Detection

Detect fraudulent transactions on ATMs

eTelligent for IoT

Smart monitoring on IoT platform

Product orientation


The software product based on the Basel II standards of the Basel Committee.


The software of Anti-fraud transactions through ATMs based on an artificial intelligence platform.


Web portals; UI / UX products, portals ...


The product services are based on big data and artificial intelligence platforms.


On-demand software development services.


Integrated broadcasting service with the system: ECM; BPM; BALL...


With the slogan "Bring values together", DTSVN has been accompanying many businesses and organizations across the country in the process of creating and building prestigious & quality brands with customers.

Mr. Le Minh Phuc Marketing Manager
MSB Joint Stock Bank


With a strong team of qualified and experienced programmers implementing software solutions, we always accompany the client for customizing from time to time to bring value to the customer

Accompanying Client

As soon as we receive a request for a business idea from the business side, our experts and the clients will clarify and analyze all aspects of the requirements to clearly understand and design the best quality services to the client. Likewise, after receiving the information about any issue that arises during the client's operation, we will thoroughly analyze to bring the best solution.

Deploy by period

Our developers perform step-by-step deployment services to maintain data integrity. DTSVN always aim for readiness and compatibility to meet customer needs from time to time, ensuring the most effective response to business requirements.

Customization and integration capabilities

Based on the application of modern advanced technology, our solutions are easy to customize with a micro service platform as well as system parameters. That brings benefits for integration and personalization according to customer requirements during the deployment process.

Why choose DTSVN

DTSVN has succeeded in building softwares that meets requirements from big and small size financial institutions by resolving many obstacles, saving costs and increasing profits.

Quick response and error fixing

Respond and quickly resolve system errors as soon as customers encounter them, both onsite and offsite.

Experienced team

DTSVN have a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of financial and banking software.

Understand the profession clearly

Design, evaluate and build technology systems from a thorough understanding of management requirements.

Communication in simple technology language

All your questions will be answered and explained easily by the technical team in oreder to help you fully understand.

All-in-one solution

Handles all aspects of IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and other technology needs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our services will bring satisfaction and true value to you.