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The CDxP Platform Operation and Management Service

 Below is an overview of the main services DTSVN offers:

1. Strategic Consulting

  • DTSVN provides comprehensive consulting services on technology strategies and marketing costs, ensuring the optimization of user experience (UX/UI).
  • Our professional team accompanies clients from consultation, integration to implementation, and reporting stages, ensuring the best effectiveness for marketing campaigns.

2. Technical Support

  • Our technical team is available 24/7, helping to shorten the platform integration time compared to self-implementation.
  • We provide detailed integration documents and guidelines, practical technical support with no time limit.

3. Platform Operation

  • Our platform operation team has practical deployment experience and content creation, ensuring optimal results when using the platform.
  • Implementation tasks include planning, scripting, optimizing content and images, monthly reviews and analyses, and improvement suggestions.

4. Reporting and Analysis

  • DTSVN offers real-time reporting and in-depth data analysis to evaluate campaigns and continuously adjust to keep up with trends.
  • Flexible and detailed reporting, analyzing lessons learned from implementation and proposing new formats.

5. Creative Services 

  • Optimizing basic content suitable for the product and target audience.
  • Creating campaign content, deploying PR and branding content.
  • Designing images as per customer requirements.

DTSVN is committed to providing high-quality services, helping businesses optimize marketing activities and customer experiences on digital platforms, saving resources and costs; designing flexible packages based on needs and costs; and ensuring continuous effectiveness and improvement.

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