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What problem does the Customer Data Platform (CDP) solve?

If your bank is facing the following difficult problems, CDP helps solve them easily:

Problems encountered

With CDP

Difficulty in finding customer information data

Allows searching customer information by all criteria: gender, age, occupation, transaction,...

Unable to grasp the process of customers coming into contact with your brand 

Synthesize detailed information from the first time a customer experiences a product or service to the present

It is difficult to understand customer interactions and transaction behaviors

Easily find out in detail how customers interact with their relationships through specific behaviors and transactions

It takes time to classify customers and direct marketing activities accordingly

Classify customers quickly and easily according to each segment for Marketing activities

Customer data information is noisy and inaccurate

Standard data format, eliminating inaccurate data

Independent customer data is overlapping

Categorize customer data and automatically filter to remove overlap 

Customer data cannot be shared or synchronized with other management systems within the same bank

Share and synchronize customer data throughout the system

Difficulty integrating customer data with current and future management systems

Create a multi-integration platform with existing and future management systems

Spend time with each separate report to understand the quality of customer data

Just 1 Click  to find the desired data

Not controlling all ineffective websites/links

Clearly display valuable websites/brand links

It takes time and costs money for manual and outdated surveys  

Detailed reports on sales trends and customer preferences about products/services

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