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DTSVN - SMART SALE (SMART SALE) Business Management Support software


If your business is facing the following problems, Smart Sale software will be the tool to help solve the fastest and simplest problems:

Problems encountered

With Smart Sale

Ambiguous in specifying specialized data

Industry-specific data modeling

Unable to grasp the process of accessing products and services of customers

Synthesize in detail the customer experience process from the first contact to successful conversion

It is difficult to understand customer behaviors to adjust the approach

Easily learn how customers interact with surrounding organizations and relationships through specific transactions

Time consuming and ineffective in evaluating customers through manual surveys

Do it quickly with survey support tools

Struggling to find the most suitable products and services for users 

Easy implementation with intuitive Q&A tools and product recommendation models

It takes a lot of time to deploy programs, products, and services throughout the business system

Synchronize across the system with just 1 Click

It takes many steps to carry out marketing campaigns to target customer groups

Just use a single deployment tool

It is not possible to test the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while they are in progress

Check effectiveness as soon as the campaign is deployed

The management apparatus is still cumbersome and overlapping. It takes a lot of time to supervise and promote work in each department

Set up, manage and monitor the tasks of each department and individual easily. Ensure always on time and ahead of schedule

Difficulty in grasping customers' consumption and shopping trends to offer suitable products 

Synthesize and suggest products that customers are most interested in based on product purchase and usage history

It takes a lot of time to compile statistics and summarize sales and revenue

Synthesize and report specific sales and revenue data right during the implementation of marketing campaigns


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